DF30 (Ultra-Low-Pressure Selective Nanofiltration Membrane)

The DF30 (Ultra-Low-Pressure Selective Nanofiltration Membrane), as a low-pressure separate membrane of which molecular weight cutoff is 150~500 Dalton and that is selectively permeable to soluble inorganic salts, is featured with low operating pressure and high recovery rate. It can efficiently remove the organic pollutants and phosphate in water. Meanwhile, as the TDS retention rate is low, no concentrated brine is produced. The product is one of the significant achievements in Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution

Control and Treatment during “the 12th Five-Year Plan” and has been selected as the Major Environmental Protection Equipment Encouraged by the State and the First Major Technology and Equipment Demonstration Project in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. In addition, it has been awarded with multiple awards, such as the Beijing New Technology and New Products, the National Strategic Innovative

Products and the National Key New Products, as well as the China Excellent Patent Award, the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education, the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award , etc.


Selective separation: Efficiently remove organic pollutants and phosphate in water. TDS retention rate is low;

High recovery rate: The water recovery rate of the system reaches 90% and is above 15% higher than the

traditional nanofiltration membrane;

Low operation pressure: The system operation pressure is 0.2~0.4MPa and is above 30% lower than the

traditional nanofiltration membrane;

Low operation cost: Long cleaning interval, less chemical consumption and less maintenance cost.



Water source with high-standard discharge requirements (Class Ⅲ of Environmental quality standards for surface water or above)

Water environment sensitive area

Water shortage area