- ultrafiltration (UF) -

BOW ultrafiltration (UF) products contain tiny pores with a size of about 0.01μm evenly distributed on the membrane surface which gives this product better filter fineness and ability when compared to the microfiltration hollow fiber membrane. The water supply treated by ultrafiltration fulfills the latest 106 Drinking Water Standard. The submerged ultrafiltration units and external ultrafiltration units based on ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane are usually applied for drinking water treatment, advanced treatment of wastewater and pre-treatment for Reverse osmosis process.


Membrane Properties

  • High flux with pore size 0.01 μm
  • High tensile strength: ≥ 200 N per fiber
  • Better distribution design
  • High chemical stability
  • Low maintenance costs


Target Market

  • Conventional wastewater treatment plant upgrades
  • Wastewater reclamation projects
  • Drinking water treatment projects
  • Surface water treatment projects