Established in 2007. Personnel has 10 years experience in Bioreactor & Filtration. Dedicated & experienced in-house “SERVICE ENGINEER”

Fermetec Resources Sdn. Bhd. are specializes in BIOPROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES. We have manufactured & sold first ‘BIOSYS’ bioreactor in 2008. Our core range of products and services centers on bioreactor and BIOSEPARATION & EQUIPMENT.

Fermetec have an experience technical and engineering team to perform servicing, troubleshooting and repair of all types of industrial scale bioreactors and associated equipments. We are fully equipped with sophisticated measuring equipment to diagnose crucial parameters in our field of specialization to provide value added service to our clients.

Fermetec also is a one stop solution provider who has dedicated themselves to resolving water issues in Malaysia such as water pollution, water shortage and drinking water insecurity. We has been taking optimizing water resource allocation of the whole province, improving water industry management efficiency and propelling urban water industry of the whole province and sustainable development of economic society as its own duty, taking accelerating urban sewage treatment and running water supply implementation construction and establishing long-effect management mechanism as the focus, and reform innovation as the power.

Company’s Objective

Total Solution Provider in the field of Bio-Processing, Bio-Engineering and life Sciences. Fermetec also strives to become a leading urban environmental integrated service provider, utilizes our technology and funds to create environment friendly cities.

Secure a turn-key contract from overseas to build a 30,000L bioreactor plant complete with down stream equipments (GMP compliance).

Secure a turn-key contract from a local company to build 1000L bioreactor system with downstream equipment.

Supply Bioreactor Clean Room Cabin on a turn-key basis to Ministry of Defense (GMP compliance)

Supply a 10-100L bioreactor system to SIRIM for their Technofund project.

Supply jacketed tank for disposable bag system to Biopharmaceutical Company.

Supply a sewage treatment plant (STP) in Forest City.