- Microfiltration (mf) -

Hollow Fiber Microfiltration Membrane Module, as the core component of MBRU(Membrane Bioreactor Unit), is composed of the fiber reinforced microfiltration (RF) membrane that is self-developed by OriginWater. The membrane, featured with special cross-sectional structure with gradient network and uniform surface pore size distribution, is one of the significant achievements in Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and Treatment during “the 12th Five-Year Plan”. Due to its world-class performance, it has been awarded with the Beijing Invention Patent Award and the China Patent Award.



Membrane Properties

  • High flux with pore size 0.1 μm
  • High tensile strength: ≥ 200 N per fiber
  • High chemical stability and low energy consumption


Target Market

  • Wastewater treatment projects that require high quality effluent
  • Conventional wastewater treatment plant upgrades
  • Wastewater reclamation projects
  • Providing wastewater treatment facilities with smaller footprints